La Traviata, Florentine Opera

Soprano Elizabeth Caballero delivered a marvelous Violetta, the courtesan, on Friday. She was animated, communicative and believable, singing with a big, facile, focused sound while making the vocal demands of the role seem easy and natural.

She also was fearless onstage, playing the final scenes in a pale, disheveled, haggard state that lent reality to the illness that was about to claim her.

Elaine Schmidt, Milwaukee Journal Nov 9, 2013

The centerpiece is the wonderful Elizabeth Caballero. Her Violetta is technically assured, and both musically and dramatically compelling. Her famous scene at the close of act one captures the psychological subtlety of the moment—the nuanced character writing Verdi at which Verdi excelled. This is a woman of passionate intelligence searching deep to examine her life.

PAUL KOSIDOWSKI Milwaukee Magazine 11/11/2013