La Traviata, Opera New Jersey

Elizabeth Caballero made an excellent heroine, with a big, rangy, darkly glowing lyric-coloratura instrument capable of precise fioriture and crystalline high D-flats. Not a TV-star-style wraith in today’s already tiresome marketing-driven mode, Caballero made a handsome figure onstage, commanding and vulnerable by turns and at all times believably the erotic center of this hothouse world. Alert to text, she aced many tough passages: both “Dite alla giovine” and “Amami, Alfredo” were very moving, and others should gather more interiority as this portrayal grows. In sheerly vocal terms, Caballero’s performance already compares quite favorably with today’s most heavily promoted Violettas.

Opera News 10/2008

Elizabeth Caballero, made the audience wait at length for her to stop swigging champagne before launching into Verdi’s famous “Sempre Librera” aria. But she was worth the wait. You don’t realize how much you’re used to iffy pitch in this aria until it’s largely absent, as it was here. Her midweight lyric soprano managed all three acts with equal adeptness.

The Philadelphia Inquirer – 7/15/08