Florencia en el Amazonas, NYC Opera

“The cast was excellent, starting with the plush-toned, expressive soprano Elizabeth Caballero as Florencia.”

The New York Time – Anthony Tommasini Go to article.

“Among as strong a cast of vocalists as I’ve heard at NYCO in 20 years or more, the standout appropriately was Elizabeth Caballero as Florencia. She flung out her radiant soprano with the generosity of a true diva, but with strength in reserve for her spectacular final aria.”

The Observer – James Jordan Go to article.

“In the title role, Elizabeth Caballero was at times stunning, singing with beautiful passion in the three generous arias that Catán gives her character. The finest of all was the last, when she communes in rapture with the spirit of Cristobal, who we must assume is dead, reaching soaring, Tosca-like heights which she managed with a full, open sound, and gorgeous, long phrases.”

The Classical Review – Eric C. Simpson Go to article.

“The excellent cast is led by Elizabeth Caballero’s Florencia, whose bright, solid, vibrato-filled soprano impresses from her opening seven-minute aria to her closing transformation music.”

Classics Today – Robert Levine Go to article.

“Ms. Caballero is a find: Her opulent soprano rings freely and lyrically throughout her range…”

Wall Street Journal Go to article.